Saturday, April 25, 2009

The Art Archive: Tour Report Books

Here are several handmade books I produced for the tour reports we turn in after grad school trips to New York City. Sorry for the blue cast. The window light was showing a little cool tint.
My first tour report book. I bought an old $1 book at the Strand Bookstore in New York and removed the cover. It had that old, dirty feel the subway has there.

A detail of the name plate.

A detail of the hinge work.

A detail of the first inside panel.

A view of the second inside panel

Here's the entire book folded out. It has a double hinge so it can fold out in a kind of panorama.

Another Strand appropriation. Cheap and cool to use, those old books!

A detail of the text above the front hinge.

A detail of some inside illustration work.

This is probably the cleanest, most lovely binding job I've done on a book. I love the patterned paper. The paper, binding cloth and cover board all transported on the plane from New York. Not easy!

A detail of the hinge work.

A view of the subway map end papers.

A detail of some illustration work on the front page.

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