Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Photo Reconstruction

History is such a treasure! Family history even more so. This is a photo of my grandfather and his first bike. The photo had really been through the ringer and was close to falling to pieces. As a personal project, I created a digital montage for his funeral, using this photo in a semi-restored state. The photo didn't need to look like it was shot yesterday. The texture and color of old photos has a certain romance about it that needed to stay, but there needed to be some major reconstructive surgery done. Here's how it went...

This is the original size of the photo. Quite small!

Click the image to view the condition of the original photo. The lower left portion is almost completely torn off.

This is the finished reconstruction and restoration of the photo.

This is the photo as it was used in the memorial montage. It is partially restored, but still has unrestored edges for aesthetic effect. You can also see the back of the original photo.

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