Monday, December 29, 2008

Peeking into the World of Children's Book Illustration

Grad school has supplied me with a wealth 0f opportunities in design and illustration exploration, including work in the area of illustrating children's books. I've always loved the wit, simplicity and pure design of children's books, and I confess, many of the books I buy my son tend to be based on the book's design as much as the story.

Part of the Marywood "Master's with the Masters" MFA Program is a children's book class that carries us through the design and development process of creating an illustrated children's book. The class is lead by Melanie Hall and Megan Halsey, both accomplished artists in the field.

Below is the development and finished product for an inside spread I had illustrated for the story "Something Nasty in the Cabbages," a spin on the traditional tale of chicken vs. fox.

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