Monday, November 17, 2008

The Juror's Reaction to "The Boxer"

Here is an excerpt from the juror's statement at the recent "Digitized" exhibition.
"With so much terrific work, the most difficult decision was Best of Show. I can honestly say that I was about to begin a round of iny-mini-miny-mo to select the best of my eight or so pieces - I could have made an argument for any one of them being the best. But in the end I decided on the illustration that I woke up thinking about that morning: "The Boxer" by Mark Brendel. This piece uses a single slice of an image of a man in boxing gloves to create a kind of kaleidoscope effect. But it also made me think of cut-out paper dolls or even a Rorschach test or a Tibetan mandala. It's a playful, Warholian piece, but it is meticulously constructed to create mesmerizing pattern that pulls the viewer in to its intricate design. I really liked this one and I'd like to have it hanging in my living room."
- Patrick O' Conner, Nov 2, 2008
Thanks Patrick for your consideration and kind words!

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