Thursday, March 28, 2013

Creative iPhoneography

Process Test

This was a test involving the color correction and manipulation between different apps on the iPhone. If I recall correctly, I used the default camera app to shoot the photo, brought it into either Camera Awesome or PhotoToaster Jr. to edit color and place the rounded border, then used BlendCam to layer the photos together. A bit rough and experimental, but just a test after all!

Layer Test

This was a two-fold test using an external modifier to blur the image being shot and layering two images together. I used an old viewfinder lens from a Kodak Brownie camera I disassembled to modify the image. I composed and shot the first sharp image, then tried to shoot the same basic composition with my modifier in front of the iPhone camera lens. I blended the two images in BlendCam and came up with the following result...

Epic Lego Shot

Here is the famed "epic lego"shot, photographed on the couch under a lamp using my old iPhone 3GS, the Brownie viewfinder lens, and Gandalf the Wizard. What a fun experiment to do! The shot was of course modified after shooting with various photo apps for color, texture and border effects.

Other Shots from the Morning

Here are the other shots i made before class on March 23, shot somewhere between 8:00 and 8:45am.

Thursday, February 14, 2013

The Leaves Grow

Does God watch the leaves grow like children?
Nurturing their newborn spirits,
Whispering His encouragement
For them to be a living banner
In April’s wind.

Does God watch the leaves grow like children?
Feeding their adolescent appetites
with sun and rain,
Weaving from bark covered bones
A green hued frame.

Does God watch the leaves grow like children?
Many self-sustaining lives,
Living and breathing for a season,
To bear from fruitful labor
The product of summer.

Does God watch the leaves grow like children?
In the waning year,
Their color reflecting a golden life,
Form affected and functions fulfilled,
Released to fly, a final wave goodbye.

Does God watch the leaves grow like children?
Finding Earth’s floor
In a motionless rest,
Blending with Earth’s substance,
His children gone, a generation removed.

Does God watch the leaves grow like children?
When new spirits stir,
From a cold, hard ground
And the fruits of removed generations
Feed the budding of a father’s delight.

Copyright © 2005 Mark Brendel

Friday, February 8, 2013

Pallet Project: The Reading Chair

I created this piece from three or four shipping pallets (from what usable wood I could get out of them after demolition), an old cabinet door and loose pieces of old furniture for the accents. It's made mostly of oak and poplar.

Friday, November 30, 2012

Making Pots Again

I've had the opportunity these past several months to throw a couple rounds of pottery for the first time since I was a student in 2003. What a joy! Much came back to me, but I realized that I still have much to learn. Much thanks to Al in the USI ceramic studio for the opportunity to revisit a process I fell in love with almost 10 years ago!

* Bowl throwing photo courtesy of USI Photography Services. Photo by McCabe Brown.